Mercedes Ramos was born, raised and still leaves in Barcelona, a city that has always inspired her.

In 1979, at the early age of 17, she met Isidoro Soriano. Together they decided to challenge themselves with a project that seemed out of reach at that time: to create their own fashion company.

Mercedes, with her imagination, her creativity, her passion for fashion, and Isidoro with his outstanding gift for managing and running businesses, combined their talents and their names to give birth to Erre de Raso.

In 1983, they opened their first wholesale store, in the Rambla de Pueblo Nuevo. In the back room, with the only help of a traditional sewing machine and a large wood table, they started designing and making their first collection of women clothes.

This collection’s quick success made them look for another location in order to expand the company through the opening of a new store. They found a great opportunity in the wholesale district of the city, at the corner of Ausias Marc Street.

The strong and warm welcome of the brand by the nearby community led easily to the conclusion of making the company grow bigger: within a few years, new stores opened all over the city. Moreover, in order to reach new clients in a more direct way, Erre de Raso opened retail stores as well.

Since then, Erre de Raso has come accross many obstacles and satisfactions, the kind of ups and downs that turns any adventure into a great journey.

Nowadays, the company counts with 9 retail stores and one wholesale store. All of them are situated in Barcelona.

In 2013, Erre de Raso blows out 30 candles, and hopes to blow out many more…